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Official Dax Cooke Scholarship – Nurturing Future Agri-Business Leaders

About the Dax Cooke Scholarship

The Dax Cooke Scholarship is founded by visionary entrepreneur Dax Cooke. With a keen eye for identifying and developing opportunities, Dax has always been at the forefront of innovation and leadership. An Alabama native, he began his illustrious career in the Financial Services industry in London with Citigroup’s Capital Markets team. This was achieved while he was studying abroad through the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse Business School work/study program.

Dax’s journey from the bustling financial streets of London to the fertile farmlands of Medellin showcases his diverse expertise and adaptability. In 2014, he co-founded Farmfolio, aiming to democratize agriculture investing and development. Under his leadership, Farmfolio has grown exponentially, employing over 200 individuals and becoming a major player in agri-business development with exports that include Coconut, Lime, Teak, and Avocado.

But Dax’s vision goes beyond business. He believes in giving back to the community and nurturing the next generation of leaders. This belief led to the establishment of the Dax Cooke Scholarship. Through this initiative, Dax hopes to inspire current students and aspiring entrepreneurs to find a passion for agri-business, igniting the seeds of their own innovations. He envisions these young minds to eventually establish and scale job-creating, environmentally sustainable, and profitable enterprises.

Scholarship Overview:

The Dax Cooke Scholarship is more than just financial assistance. It’s a testament to Dax’s commitment to fostering leadership, determination, and passion among young individuals. Every year, the scholarship offers tuition assistance to one deserving student, based on their essay that best demonstrates these qualities. The aim is not just to support their education but to instill in them the values that Dax Cooke himself embodies.

Why Apply?

By being a part of the Dax Cooke Scholarship, students get an opportunity to be associated with a legacy of excellence, innovation, and leadership. It’s not just about the financial aid; it’s about being recognized for one’s potential and being encouraged to pursue one’s dreams with vigor and determination.

In the words of Dax Cooke, “Opportunities are everywhere. It’s up to us to identify, nurture, and make the most of them.” The Dax Cooke Scholarship is one such golden opportunity, waiting for the next visionary leader to seize it.